Arrives in an envelope

EcoFold is a metallic and permanent display that arrives in an envelope.
This allows great advantages in distribution due to its ease of handling and low weight.

Very low volume of transport by 10% of what would be needed in an identical display of traditional construction and above all efficiency in carbon footprint emissions of up to 90% strong> with respect to a traditional display.

It is Simple, Elegant and Impacts from the moment it is opened.

It is made of steel

It is the most recycled material on earth with recovery levels between 60 and 85% depending on the recycling policies of each region.
Much superior to cardboard and plastic in our industry
It is a simple material, which we have been recycling for more than a century.
It is a material from nature whose reincorporation into the environment is in the form of iron oxide.

It is Natural, Ancestral and Eternal.

Simplified process

We changed the productive paradigm taking the process to a single step, eliminating welding, re-handling of material and even the need to paint the piece.
Thanks to this, we lower the amount of material and energy needed up to +50% with respect to traditional production
By simplifying the process, we add global production consistency, ensuring that the same display that is made in Argentina it is the same as in India

The display does not travel, the information travels

Created for the
Sustainability and triple impact

Consequence of the analysis of the best we have today in the world and in our industry.
The most recycled and durable material, the most efficient and flexible production process possible.
Latest generation technology, fast and present in all countries and regions.

Global business vision with local and sustainable production.

It is a
sales booster

We developed a product that boosts sales:
For Retail, since it is a display tool of great quality, durability and visual impact.
For Brands for its scalability to the entire world simultaneously and consistently and in turn to the most inaccessible corners in a simple and clean way.
For Partners because it allows breaking down sales barriers with clients that were previously inaccessible with a unique and exclusive product. Through the Network because it generates synergy among members to generate business between them.

It is Desirable, Attractive and Functional

Cost efficiency

and increased ROI

Resource efficiency gives us cost efficiency.

The important thing is to change the way our industry thinks.
Recycled Materials, Reduced Resources and Reused Structures lead to an increased return on investment
Using a design that focuses on efficiency and the longest possible lifespan

It is Efficient, Scalable and Profitable.

Patented and established

You are Protected and Seek Excellence

The EcoFold system was patented and is protected on a global scale through the European Patent Office.

We protect it because we want it to scale, to do so through our partners and the quality guarantee that we must offer our customers.

We seek excellence in our product and we do it through the validation of our clients and organizations in the industry and also outside it.
That is why we were chosen as the best display at the P&amp Summit ;G from Mexico City and Sao Paulo in 2019 and finalists in the Green Product Award in Germany in 2021.

Global production network

We created the network of partners with the most potential in the industry.
We have laid the foundations to consolidate a Collaborative Ecosystem of representatives so that they are interconnected.

EcoFold provides the database, calculation and design tools to enhance the sum of cases and experiences that allow enlarging the network.
And in this way to be able to offer its clients and colleagues countless possibilities of solutions for your initiatives at the point of sale.

It is Collaborative, Open and Transparent.

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